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    Hello Everyone,

    At this moment in time, Boosted Network is very interested in the possibility of electing new Staff Members into our team. If you have currently applied then we very much encourage you to update your application or post on it to tell us your still interested, or now would be the best time to apply for our Staff Team if you believe that you have the potential to be an active and viable member.

    If you have a bad record or your overall reputation in the Community is poor then perhaps you should not apply but instead spend your time rebuilding your reputation, then of course applying for the position. We do of course to other background checks on you, so do not think your past actions on other communities are hidden from us.

    Do not message me nor any other Staff Member regarding when Staff shall be chosen, it is also recommended that you do not even attempt to suck up to Staff Members as it is extremely obvious to us when a player we have never met all of a sudden tries to become our best friends.
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    • To be at least 7 days old
    • To have at least 10 posts.
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