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Discussion in 'Staff Feedback' started by BravoJnr, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. BravoJnr

    BravoJnr Active Member Member

    Can we all just take a second to thank all of the staff who have been online today working or helping jack and herbi fix all the problems. Even when the server isn't working they keep it up when they could have shut it for hours. It has been 6-8 hours since I reported my bug on this and since then they have worked none stop to keep all the players updated and fix this amazing server.
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  2. MrElmoMC

    MrElmoMC Sesame Street! Member

    Yes Thak you all staff
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  3. BravoJnr

    BravoJnr Active Member Member

    Thanks extremeBommer123
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  4. BravoJnr

    BravoJnr Active Member Member

    Nah lime you weren't there
  5. iFruitified

    iFruitified ғяυιтεяαтσя Member

    :D Lovely staff
  6. Dabatron3000

    Dabatron3000 Active Member Member

    good job staff members :D :p
  7. _Shuffle

    _Shuffle Active Member Member

    Thanks staff for being there for me and all the others. A big shout out to Chris as he will be missed by me and many others.
  8. Zay

    Zay Member Member

    Thanks staff!
  9. Flickxo

    Flickxo +-{Helper}-+ Member

    Thanks to the staff team, to be what you are! You have done great with the server community and the Forum community! <3
    I appreciate that I experienced this community we have! :)
    Thank you!

  10. Puqqer

    Puqqer Active Member Member

    Thank All The staff that had helped us play normally without anyone ruining the experience :D

    ~Minorly (CookiPup)
  11. Xtra_Pvp_Skillz

    Xtra_Pvp_Skillz Active Member Member

    Stop It!... Think About Staff!
  12. KITKAT446

    KITKAT446 Member Member

    thanks for doing a swag job all the time :)
  13. iFruitified

    iFruitified ғяυιтεяαтσя Member

    We also need to thank the admins for making this even more possible.
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