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    Hello, another long awaited update. I would just like to inform you that we are heavily looking for EU/AUS staff currently to help in that timezone, this does not however exclude the people in the US, we will still be looking for people there still as well. You can apply here. @ChaoticPuppetry will be focusing heavily on these applications because this is her timezone, @Breathlessly will also be promoted to Senior Admin to assist us in the US and so we have a Senior Admin in both time zones, the helper trial was over and here were our conclusions.
    @xXkammyXx has been demoted
    @WhtTiger has been demoted
    @xMCxSkillsx has been promoted onto Moderator, Congrats!

    Sell Wand on Skyblock
    We have added sell wand to skyblock with the help of @AMinecraftDev , We are currently unsure of how we would like to release this, we don't know if it should be something like kit keys and be purchasable in game or if we are going to limit this to a buycraft-only item.
    Vote below!

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Sellwand purchase in-game or buycraft

  1. in-game

  2. buycraft

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