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    Hello all,

    Due to the increase in players, we've felt we need to overhaul the Staff Application procedure, from now on, all Staff Applications will be hidden from all players and will only be visible by Moderators+, You might be wondering, why isn't it letting me post an application, well that is due to us putting restrictions on who can apply, this requires your forums account to:
    • Must have played at least 7 days on our server and have a 7 day old forums account.
    • To have at least 15 posts on the forum's. (No spam posting to get these 15 posts)
    • Must be mature. (ex. in a case you can not fix the issue do NOT bicker back and forth with the person wait for a higher up)
    • Be willing to help when needed or asked. (No applying just for the rank)
    • Age requirement 16. (in some cases younger can be accepted if mature enough)
    Where can I apply? Right Here
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