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    Hello everyone,

    Back here with another event! This is a special build event where the player, you, must build the best event arena you can. This can include things from, but not limited to, parkour, mazes, etc.

    We will be judging the best build based on looks, practicality, length of the event, and detail of the builds. Once we (Jack, Combat, and I) decide the winner, you will receive a free rank upgrade, as well as having the next event be hosted on your island at an agreed time! If you would like to enter, you must build the build on either Skyblock (*from BoostedNetwork*) or the Skyblock on GlacialRealms.

    To submit your build entry, go to in #event-entry and enter your in-game name, with a screenshot of your build (a link) showing the scoreboard from Skyblock BoostedNetwork or Skyblock GlacialRealms as well as part of your build. If your build is on GlacialRealms it will be copied over to an empty island to run the event on BoostedNetwork Skyblock.

    The build event commences as soon as you read this message and will end on the 10th of March 2018. You can do any build type, as long as it's PG and an event can be run on it (eg. it must have parkour, or a maze or some form of event)

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