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Discussion in 'Archived (Help)' started by djstar25, Apr 10, 2018.

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    when: 5 mins before i send this
    what happened: I went to move my spawners into my new grinder i had just made and when I went to use my silk touch pic named "silky smooth" so that I don't mix it up with any other pic's, they just broke and gave me some xp. I broke 3 of them before realizing what was happening. im 100% sure its because of the plugins being down.

    I marked the area with red stained glass I have a video of all my spawners from a little bit ago, but I did upgrade some of them so... and I believe i have a picture somewhere of my grinder.

    also mythical was on my island when it happened, hes my witness
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    a picture of my grinder with my spawners in it

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    Hello @djstar25

    I've checked logs and refunded the spawners.

    Resolved & Locked.
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