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    What are we Building?
    Well the build competition is focused on Skyblock starter islands, their will be six winners out of the competition and they will receive full credit in the description of the island and will be able to choose the Skyblock island name. These six islands will appear next to the three default island choices which you're given when you first do /is. Islands can't start with "OP" items such as Diamond, Iron, Gold or Emerald blocks, and must not bypass 50x50 radius, they must not also bypass 250 levels when they first begin ;)

    What can we win?
    You will win a FREE Rank-upgrade and if you enter two separate islands and both are selected to be used, you will receive two free rank-upgrades, there is NO limit to how many different builds you can enter

    Where do we build?
    On your island unless you know how to upload a schematic of your island otherwise I will not accept your entry


    May The Best Builder WIN!
    Competition Ends December 1st
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