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    Hello Everyone,

    I'd like to first start with a little update, we will be rolling out a few updates this week hopefully which includes, /buykits being automated again, a revised version of Ore Generators after people have reported them partially broken, auto restarts every 6 1/2 hours and finally we will be installing an updated Spawner Plugin which will change the spawn rates and timers, we will update /spawnertiers when this occurs. Why are we doing this? This due to being told that our server lag is due to how quick Mobs are spawning that is why, we're reducing the spawn times and amounts, but making the Top Tier spawners highly OP.

    Current Giveaways:
    Some of you may have noticed, we've increased the amount of giveaways we're running, currently on Discord we've got a "Boosted Care Package" Giveaway and on Twitter, we're hosting a /fly and /sell all giveaway for Skyblock.


    Top Donor: (/buy)

    @Minerspyder has won a $50USD store voucher

    Top Voters: (/vote)

    @Gabriella818 has won a $25USD store voucher
    @MayMeMiMoMu has won a $20USD store voucher
    @RX501 has won a $15USD store voucher


    Thank you, every who has voted for Boosted!


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