By Herbi on Dec 4, 2016 at 7:01 AM
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    Hello guys! Herbi here!

    We, the staff team, are going to release a new rank called, “Jumbo.” It will have the same perks and features as Boosted for now! Players that have Boosted will get the Jumbo rank. Boosted will then be the final and most expensive rank worth $1000 ($100 with the 90% sale.)
    The things we are going to add to this incredibly OP rank are:
    • Boosted Mine, Players will be able to warp to a mine with goodies. :) (/warp BoostedMine)
    • 2 Jumbo keys a week.
    • Awesome new kit.
    • Create your own title!
    • /Sell all
    • /Fix all (Repairs armour you're wearing)
    • Ah limit of 30 items
    • 20 Player Vaults
    • Ability to set 50 homes
    • Ability to store 60 Pets
    • Admin item of your choice.
    • All trails, That includes block, rain and wings trail!
    • The boosted shop has been added!
    • Quadruple McMMOExp
    • All titles! /tags
    • +More, If anyone has suggestions feel free to comment below.
    New Kit:


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    1. NoHaxOnlyFun
      well im perm banned but i can post on the website still sooo and you perm banned me so you should know if im perm banned ah
      i cant get unbanned i have tryed to appeal but you havent answer it so i dont want to play on the server when im getting perm banned for posting a link to a server and iff soo you can mute me for 7 days instead
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    2. NoHaxOnlyFun
      no reply thx you so mutch jack i appreciate that i love it thx keep doing it and the server will die some dayyy
    3. NoHaxOnlyFun
      woaw thx for the reply your noob
    4. TheJackLC
      Your welcome for the reply, yea it's Christmas for me, so I tend to take time off during Christmas to spend time with friends and family. Your welcome to spend time on the forums but don't be surprised if you get a warn on the forums for spamming public threads :)
    5. jordan
      hiiiiiiiiiiii i need a unban for xmas plz
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      its okay
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