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    Hello guys! Herbi here!

    We, the staff team, are going to release a new rank called, “Jumbo.” It will have the same perks and features as Boosted for now! Players that have Boosted will get the Jumbo rank. Boosted will then be the final and most expensive rank worth $1000 ($100 with the 90% sale.)
    The things we are going to add to this incredibly OP rank are:
    • Boosted Mine, Players will be able to warp to a mine with goodies. :) (/warp BoostedMine)
    • 2 Jumbo keys a week.
    • Awesome new kit.
    • Create your own title!
    • /Sell all
    • /Fix all (Repairs armour you're wearing)
    • Ah limit of 30 items
    • 20 Player Vaults
    • Ability to set 50 homes
    • Ability to store 60 Pets
    • Admin item of your choice.
    • All trails, That includes block, rain and wings trail!
    • The boosted shop has been added!
    • Quadruple McMMOExp
    • All titles! /tags
    • +More, If anyone has suggestions feel free to comment below.
    New Kit:


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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Herbi, Dec 4, 2016.

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    1. MCGlazzed
    2. TheJackLC
      Yes, people who previously purchased Boosted Rank, have now got the Jumbo Rank

      You will be Jumbo, don't worry you will still have all the same permissions you had as a Boosted Rank, but the new boosted rank offers even more features which we have listed above
    3. Theimbaone
      i think you should improve the shop for the rank and add exp elixirs to it aswell. And you should add so /spawner was avilable to change the spawner. Then the rank would be worth the 1000$
    4. TheJackLC
      We will look into increasing shop prices, what do you mean by "exp elixirs" finally we're not adding /spawner as it is a terrible plugin, which destroys economies I'm looking into getting another spawner plugin custom made for us though, which allows Spawner Stacking E.t.c.
    5. Theimbaone
      the xp flasks you get from voteing you should add them so it's possible to buy them from the boosted shop
    6. TheJackLC
      Ow, you mean XP Bottles, I've spoken to this with other staff members and players, they're not sure as it is not really required and it will make getting Custom Enchants much easier for people who're willing to spend money.
    7. Baddestplace18
      To be fair Jack, custom enchants are already easy to get. Most of the "rich" players have huge grinders on their islands, just takes a little time.
    8. Herbi
    9. TheJackLC
    10. Baddestplace18
      Idk, kill it
    11. Theimbaone
      It would be awesome if you added all Tags into the title since it is a quite expensive rank :)
    12. TheJackLC
      We will look into this and we've just *OP'ed* The Boosted Mine again :)
    13. Herbi
      All titles have been added! :)
    14. Vizzio
      I think it would be nice to add the &k and the underline and italics to our items when we have a rename tags just to personalize our items more than we already can it'd be a great addition :)
    15. TheJackLC
      You can, anyone can they ain't blocked according to the config at least :p
    16. NoHaxOnlyFun
      lol so they spend money trying to get the highest rank on the server and now they got the 2 highest lol GG get more money lol
    17. iFruitified
      It's special Marketing techniques :p people buy the highest rank the, when there is like 20 of them, make a new rank so they all buy that since it's a small amount upgrade. It's like a small Christmas gifts for and upgrade instead of 1000$ all in
    18. TheJackLC
      Aren't you perm banned for advertising.

      Explained it pretty well :)
    19. iFruitified
      Why thank you
    20. iFruitified
      Another like maybe to get them top likes? :p jk
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