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    Hello guys! Herbi here!

    We, the staff team, are going to release a new rank called, “Jumbo.” It will have the same perks and features as Boosted for now! Players that have Boosted will get the Jumbo rank. Boosted will then be the final and most expensive rank worth $1000 ($100 with the 90% sale.)
    The things we are going to add to this incredibly OP rank are:
    • Boosted Mine, Players will be able to warp to a mine with goodies. :) (/warp BoostedMine)
    • 2 Jumbo keys a week.
    • Awesome new kit.
    • Create your own title!
    • /Sell all
    • /Fix all (Repairs armour you're wearing)
    • Ah limit of 30 items
    • 20 Player Vaults
    • Ability to set 50 homes
    • Ability to store 60 Pets
    • Admin item of your choice.
    • All trails, That includes block, rain and wings trail!
    • The boosted shop has been added!
    • Quadruple McMMOExp
    • All titles! /tags
    • +More, If anyone has suggestions feel free to comment below.
    New Kit:


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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Herbi, Dec 4, 2016.

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    1. Theimbaone
      add /vanish please
    2. ShroomsDawg
      I feel that should only be used by staff. It would simply be abused by regular players otherwise.
    3. Shane
      @Herbi what exactly do you mean by admin item of your choice? also, how would people access the mines and what ranks have access to them? sorry, as you know i am one of the newer members so im still trying to figure a good number of things out.
    4. ShroomsDawg
      You would be able to get a custom item from an admin within reason. There would be a warp to the mines and only specific ranks could have access.
    5. Dwaliven
      Add /speed for Awesomeness! :)
    6. ShroomsDawg
      I think this would only go up to a 2x multiplier if it was implemented. Otherwise I think it would be too op. o-o
    7. MCGlazzed
      Welp, Should Have saved my money.
    8. ICantPotWell
    9. iLime
      Seems like a very good rank, although you should limit the goods in the mine because that may become to OP.
    10. Baddestplace18
      Who cares ifor it's op, it's a $1000 rank!
    11. iLime
      True, but the economy could crash.
    12. TheJackLC
    13. Zip
      I swear... nobody else buy boosted please.
    14. iFruitified
      R.I.P me buying the highest rank xD. I dont have 100$ xD
    15. Theimbaone
      I think you should either lower the price of the rank or add more stuff to it so it'll be worth it.
    16. TheJackLC
      Suggestions of what to add? You've already suggested x4 mcmmo and Keep Inventory to me, what else?
    17. TheJackLC
      Maybe, most likely not.
      Nope, as this could easily be abused to get away from staff and in pvp, we can't simply deny that command in pvp because then staff couldn't vanish when watching hackers.
      Every admin has a special item which is unobtainable through playing and we're offering you to pick one out of the five possibilities (There is currently five admins/owners)
      Only Boosted Rank has its own mine and it's /warp boostedmine
    18. ICantPotWell
      I thought Boosted ranks go to jumbo not they get jumbo and boosted gets higher
    19. Vizzio
      Since i bought boosted does that mean i will still be boosted and not jumbo rank?
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