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    Hello Everyone, I'd like to thank every single player who has stuck along side us during the last few months, many of you may of heard we've been limited to what we can do till August 14th, due to all your donations being put on a 7-14 day hold, depending on where you live, these donations is what keeps the server running and pays for the constant development and advertisement. So till then we've had to limit what we can do but I promise you once we've surpassed that date and everything returns to normal we will continue to grow as a community. Many of you may wonder what's suddenly caused this PayPal issues it's due to us changing to a business PayPal, which we were forced to do and can't undo.

    Top Donor: (/buy)

    @BassDragon has won a $50USD store voucher

    Top Voters: (/vote)

    @Hakatsuki has won a $25USD store voucher
    @Hatake has won a $20USD store voucher
    @MayMeMiMoMu has won a $15USD store voucher

    Thank you every who has voted for Boosted!


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