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    Hello Everyone,

    I'd like to thank every single player who has stuck along side us during the last few months, many of you may have heard we've been limited to what we can do until August 14th, due to all your donations being put on a 7-14 day hold, depending on where you live, these donations are what keeps the server running and pays for the constant development and advertisement. So till then, we've had to limit what we can do but I promise you once we've surpassed that date and everything return to normal we will continue to grow as a community. Many of you may wonder what's suddenly caused this PayPal issues it's due to us changing to a business PayPal, which we were forced to do and can't undo." Yes, that is a repeat of what I previously stated in the last Top Voter, I just wanted to re-inform everyone and to notify everyone that we've only got two more weeks left of this limitation. This little introduction is going to include everything of what's going on and our plans for BoostedNetwork! As some of you may have seen in Boosted's Discord ( I mentioned we've hired a team to investigate our lag and solve it, will it be an instant fix? Sadly no, it will take time as we need to find the source of the lag then fix it, but there will be numerous sources of lag, and then we have to find ways of dealing with it, without affecting your game play. QNCore V1 I can officially say has been developed, I have been talking to @AMinecraftDev today about it, and he was saying "going through messages in QNcore atm and changing them so they'll all be similar, that sort of thing" we will begin testing our QNCore immediately, what does this new core mean for Boosted? Wel, ultimately a lot of the issues we've had on Boosted is due to running numerous plugins, by numerous different developers. By having all our plugins being developed by a team who is working together and that we've got all of the code together, which we can edit to our pleasure means that we can provide quicker updates and quicker bug fixes.​

    Top Donor: (/buy)

    @Woofie123 has won a $50USD store voucher - Disqualified for Chargeback.

    Top Voters: (/vote)

    @Rhinoisryan has won a $25USD store voucher
    @Benbear2012 has won a $20USD store voucher
    @MayMeMiMoMu has won a $15USD store voucher

    Thank you, every who has voted for Boosted!
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    1. Rhinoisryan
    2. Plus
      Who's mans
    3. Benbear2012
      i was so close had to wait for 2h and i would of became vote top xD
      how do i get the code
    4. TheJackLC
      Maybe next month :) The code has been private messaged to you on Forums.
    5. unit_808
      if i voted every day how do i only have 196 votes?
    6. hotwings1
      If u voted everyday of the month all 7 links you would have gotten 217 votes so you missed 3 days somewhere but you still have this month to do it and try to get top 3 so best of luck!
    7. TheJackLC
      Don't forget, I replaced a broken voting link which was down for several days.
    8. MayMeMiMoMu
      @TheJackLC Thanks for all that you do for the server to make it better. It's obvious that you care, and that's the reason I make sure I vote everyday. :)
    9. TheJackLC
      Thank you for the kind words, we want to put in more time but we're struggling as both @AMinecraftDev and I are completing our final year of school :/
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