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    Hello Players,

    Update |

    I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and celebrated your New Years in style! Now lets get right down to it, as many of you know we released our Second Network on the 16th December, due to this we've been focusing on rebuilding the Glacial community, as it's been a rough 7 months for GlacialRealms. However the benefits of this is, when we revamp BoostedNetwork on February 2nd (US) we will have minimal to no, plugin issues as our Cores are being heavily tested on GlacialRealms.

    Revamp Information |

    In this revamp, it will include a brand new start on Skyblock, Factions but with the removal of KitPvP (Until we release our custom gamemode later this year). This revamp will include our QNCore, SkyblockCore and FactionsCore and brand new builds, to give a new "cosy" feel to Boosted. A Proper revamp post will be coming a week before release with screenshots, gifs and a whole load of new information.

    Do not worry, Ranks, Commands, Titles, Trails and other similar items will not be removed if purchased through or won through an official giveaway.

    Advertisement |

    Yes, with the release of this revamp we will be recruiting a bunch of new Youtubers but also getting RiverRain123, GRMinecraftCousins and GaGy back recording on Boosted. If anyone has any contacts with Youtubers who get 100 views within 24/hrs send me a message on Discord or Forums.

    Forums Update |

    As many of you may have noticed we've implemented over 24 new XenForo add-ons, to link your forums account to Discord, Twitch, Steam as well as your Minecraft Account, to sync your rank (Coming very soon), plus lots more very neat features.

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