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    Merry Christmas all, Well hi all it's TheJackLC, one of BoostedNetworks three owners, the other two being of cause @Herbi and @iMajor. We've come today to thank every single one of you for playing on our server and for helping us reach 212% of our server donation goal as well moving up 100,000 spots on some votes sites that's RIGHT ONE HUNDRED THOUSANDS Spots, for this we have to congratulate the following individuals for being our Monthly Top Voters and of course our Top Monthly Donor. Most of you won't know this but on November 30th we officially became a one month old server <3 (Yes Beta did begin on the 20th though)

    Christmas Sales:

    This month we're running a sale 70% Christmas Sale with an extra 15% off to all subscribers/viewers of @RiverRain123 our Active Youtuber, who uploads at least twice a week :) We're also planning on running multiple flash sales on the days running up to Christmas these may include sales of up to 90 to 95 percent of everything!
    @RiverRain123 is currently hosting a Rankup Giveaway to all his subscribers go check out his video here:
    We're working with @RiverRain123 to produce the best quality videos you can deliver, this includes future giveaways and Christmas coupons soon to come :)

    Christmas Theme:
    @Herbi and I have decided to transform Skyblock, our most popular server into a Christmas wonderland, including a massive Christmas tree near /crates, as well as a Christmas Crate Key which is purchasable through /buy and win-able through the advent calendar which has started :) We will also randomly start Santa events, where a NPC on Santa Clause will roam around /spawn dropping goodies for five minutes before the event ends.

    Top Donor: (/buy)

    @_Trkey Who has won a $40USD store voucher

    Top Voters: (/topvotes)
    @Vemo Who has won a $20USD store voucher
    @PolarWolfYT Who has won a $10USD store voucher
    @thijsi Who has won a $5USD store voucher

    Winners of the Build Contest:
    In no, in-particular order we would like to congratulate the six winners of the build contest:
    For the build competition we're doing free Rankupgrades, as the prize so Congratulations to all the winners, @ImBad and @_Trkey as you two are both already the highest rank I will contact you two privately about your reward. We will begin attempting to include these as starter islands ASAP.

    Special Thanks to our Staff Members:
    @cpex our Admin (Cpex360)
    @_Trkey our Mod (_Trkey)
    @Chrispalm04 our Mod (ChrisPalm04)
    @Vemo our Helper (Vemo1331)
    @Dan our Helper (_AnnoyedGrunt)
    @thegamer217 our Helper ( _NitroGaming_)
    @DalmanPlaysMC our Helper (DalmanPlaysMC)
    Without those fine men, I've just mentioned BoostedNetwork wouldn't be here today as they are on every day monitoring chat and seeing what the players needs are, I'd like everyone to give them a big round of applause please <3

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