Denied Gameboyx5 Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Denied Ban Appeals' started by Gameboyx5, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Gameboyx5

    Gameboyx5 Member Member

    I was banned for spin bot -Hacks, And when I was afk apparently Spinning and a mod came and saw that I was spinning

    Why do I want to get unbanned-cause I play on boosted all the time and I donated so I will keep playing it

    I will show a mod or Admin or owner my files recent deletes versions what ever it take to get unbanned
  2. ShroomsDawg

    ShroomsDawg Truffle Dealer Member


    You can't appeal temp bans, please wait it out.
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  3. TheJackLC

    TheJackLC Server Owner Staff Member Administrator Server Owner

    Ban Appeal Locked.
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