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    Hey guys,

    I know everyone has been waiting probably all week for this post so I thought it's about time that I make it. Factions is going to be releasing at 10AM Saturday (17th of June) Perth, Western Australia time (GMT+8), and for anyone who doesn't really know where that is based on them I thought I'd write up a few locations and what the time will be for release:
    • 10PM Friday (16th of June) Washington DC (GMT-4)
    • 03AM Saturday (17th of June) England (GMT+1)
    • 10AM Saturday (17th of June) Perth, Australia (GMT+8)
    • 12PM Saturday (17th of June) Sydney, Australia (AEST)
    If none of these times can help you out to see when the server is being released you can also use this live clock that I've got put together for the exact release time countdown:

    If anyone has any suggestions on what we can add into Factions or Skyblock on BoostedNetwork, please leave them in the discussion section, as we will be listening heavily to your suggestions, especially on Factions.

    The initial release of Factions 2.0 isn't going to be very different from the 1.0, although there'll be a lot of things changed, just not many new features, but this is only because we wanted the first week to be all about positioning yourself before all the madness starts, so here is some things that are coming on the initial release of Factions 2.0:
    • Brand new Custom Enchant system, with completely new, different named custom enchants - this system is currently in beta and we will be adding a lot more enchants every week to this, and it will be the custom enchant system on 3.0 of Skyblock.
    • Custom Factions version, made by me, containing a bunch of new handy features.
    • A completely new Bounty system.
    • A completely custom Combat Tag plugin.
    • And many more.
    Once we release Factions we will be having new updates every Friday, and the first wave of features we've got coming is insane so I hope you're all prepared for that.

    Just a little more handy information you might all want to know before I end this post:
    • The End is going to be disabled for the first week, to give everyone a chance to get ready, but the end is going to be released along with all the new features
    • The Nether is going to be released on the Tuesday after release and will not be reset during the season (so you can have nether bases too), however it will be completely custom with no roof.
    • Withers are going to be disabled.
    • TNT is going to be disabled for the first week to act as a "grace period" (when we release The End and the first wave of features is when TNT is going to be re-enabled).
    • The /f top prize is going to be a massive one this season, 1st place will be $200 Buycraft Voucher and $200 PayPal, 2nd place's reward will be $100 Buycraft Voucher and $100 PayPal, and lastly, 3rd place's prize will be $50 Buycraft Voucher and $50 PayPal.
    Thanks for taking your time to read everyone,
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