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    Happy Easter Everyone,

    | Update
    I'm going to keep this short and simple really, as we've been keeping everyone updated through Discord lately, with over 800+ Discord Members and constantly 100 online Discord Members. We are currently having our own TacoSpigot Fork being developed to enhance our server along with other options in order to lower lag and other issues that you may have noticed. Hopefully this will make Boosted more enjoyable for you all, and stop us from having to restart the server multiple times a day. With this Easter Break we've released a /kit Easter which is available to all members and a Easter CarePackage available via /buy. To stay up to date with every single change that occurs on the server, checkout the #changelog on Discord, plus join in on the eleven giveaways we're currently running, ten are on Discord and one is hosted via our Twitter: Finally we would like to congratulate @WasabiKekse0508 for winning @AMinecraftDev 's Build Event!


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