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    Hello Everyone!

    This post is simply just to thank everyone for their recent support with BoostedNetwork 3.0 this has probably been our biggest and best launch (Apart from the first couple hours, whats a revamp without some crashes ayy). Now that Skyblock is out and rocking pretty well, with a constant 50 - 130+ players, I haven't seen the server drop below 58 players since we released, and now it's rocking at 88 Players. If you guys and girls didn't see I made a Twitter Post on February 3rd, thanking each one of you for you for joining us on our release, the post includes a screenshot of Tab with 130 players online across the Network (

    This weekend we're hoping for big things, and possibly for Boosted to hit the 200+ player count again with the release of Factions! Sorry for the delay the map wasn't quite ready but now it is! We've now come up with many ways to attract the most amount of players we could such as sending out another email to EVERYONE making sure they know about the release and that is was a massive success in our eyes at least. Comment down below what you personally think!

    Giveaways? That's right P0wer0wner our new Youtuber with 25k Subscribers is hosting a Gigantic Rank Giveaway! Check out his first video right here:

    I've personally seen some of P0wer0wner's live streams and videos bring hundreds of players to servers, so lets hope his viewers are just as excited as all of you to play on Boosted, but for us to willingly welcome his supporter base. Not only will P0wer0wner be recording, we also have Tento a 2.3k Youtuber, who also streams quite often, recommended to me by @my_pick_up_truck who quite often watches his streams.

    Let's get down to Factions, quick facts:
    Thank you once again everyone for supporting BoostedNetwork with your votes, donations and player activity!​
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