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    Hello Everyone,

    The Event was a huge success and I believe that both the Players and Staff enjoyed it. If you enjoyed the Event then please be sure to let us know in the vote, however if you did not enjoy it then please be sure to comment what you disliked the Event as well as how we can improve!


    Top Kills

    @itsjunkii $20.00 Store Voucher

    Bosses Kills
    @Tom Cena $10.00 Store Voucher
    @sevn072 $10.00 Store Voucher
    @OrangeTehMinerz $10.00 Store Voucher
    @_Sinbad_ $10.00 Store Voucher​

    If your a winner then please be sure to register on the Forums and message @xVariant or @TheJackLC to Receive your Voucher!​

    Huge Thanks to my Builders!

    Thank you @TheJackLC and @AMinecraftDev for assisting me server wise with this Event as If I didn't have your general server knowledge with me then this Event would not of even been possible!

    Have a Lovely Day!
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How was the Event?

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