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    Good Evening Everyone,

    I am organising an Event to happen on Boosted Network sometime in the next one - three weeks. In order for this to happen/ however, we need a temporary Building Team to build the event area. We will be building a fairly large area with 10 different sections and 10 different themes overall that I plan to have. Truck has taken the initiative to come up with this event and build some himself but he would very much appreciate if more people from the community would help him out.

    Applications will be over private messaging on the Forums. Once accepted you will be placed into a Temporary Discord Group where we will be able to Communicate. The overall theme of the Sections will be (Plains, Nether, Ice Biome, Jungle, End, Desert, Planets, Mine, Boosted and Shrinked). So if you believe you are a good Builder then this thread is probably directed at you.

    Private message @my_pick_up_truck your application!




    Example Builds (Optional but Preferred):

    How often can you be online:

    Discord Username:

    Private message @my_pick_up_truck on the Forums with your application and he will get back to your fairly quickly. Applications closed in 1 week. By applying it does not guarantee you a place to build in the event, also I will be accepting Individuals, not Teams.

    Good Luck and get Building!​

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