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    Hello Everyone,

    Over the past several days I have been planning and building an Event for Boosted Network with a Temporary Event Building team for which various players applied for. The Event has been scheduled for the 1st of July at 6:00PM GMT + 8. For those who do not know I have created a Universal Timer:

    The Event will be a Player vs Player vs Bosses event, it shall be anarchy! Players will have the option of choosing from various kits to take into battle. Players are free to attack and kill each other, or even team up and work together to Kill the Bosses! Teaming as a whole will be allowed although not preferred.

    Rewards to be Reaped!

    Most Kills on Players will receive a $20.00 Store Voucher

    For every player who gets No. 1 damage done to each Boss will receive a $10.00 Store Voucher.

    Vouchers will stack.

    I very much look forward to doing this event as I truly believe it will be a blast and everyone will enjoy it.​
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