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    Hello Everyone,

    I am organising an Event to happen on Boosted Network in next week but in order for that to happen I will need to organise a Temporary Team of Event Builders. We will be building a Fairly Large Arena for the Event that I am planning. I could very easily build this myself but I figured that It would be a bit more fun if I was to get some players within the Community more involved.

    Applications will be over private messaging on the Forums. Once accepted you will be placed into a Temporary Discord Group where we will be able to Communicate. The overall theme of the Arena will be the End so if you believe you are a good Builder then this thread is probably directed at you.

    Example Builds (Optional but Preferred):
    How often can you be online:
    Discord Username:

    Private message me on the Forums with your application and I will get back to your fairly quickly. Applications closed in 48 hours. By applying it does not guarantee you a place to build in the event, also I will be accepting Individuals not Teams.

    Accepted (8/8):​
    Applications Closed.
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