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    Hello, Everyone.

    There has been a lot of questions coming my way recently on the server and I would just like to clarify to everyone so they are made well aware and so Staff do not have to answer the same questions five times a day. Let us jump into it.

    When will the next Staff Wave be?
    The nearest Staff Wave would have to be either one or two months away, or possibly further. We do not have set dates of course for when we would like to recruit as this all very much depends on server growth and so forth. The only thing that can create a Staff Wave soon as if many staff members suddenly decide they want to resign, which is unlikely. Be patient and you will not be disappointed.

    Are you looking for Builders?
    At this moment in time, No. Will we likely be on the prowl for some soon, Yes. Should I message with my application now, only if you want to be smacked. Builders could be something for the far or near future, however, we do not have anything planned just yet which could provoke us to begin our search. If I need builders for events then you shall be notified by another announcement much like this one.

    Skyblock Season 3.0 soon?
    No. Nothing has been currently planned or set in stone, however, we have begun to take notes on bug fixes and ideas which could be implemented in the future Season that we believe would be enjoyable for the players, but at this moment in time, our eyes are set on fixing our Brother Network, Glacial Realms.
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