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    I want to first start off by saying how sorry I am for keeping you guys in the dark, I would just like to update you all and I will try to do this more frequently like every week or so, a lot of you were wondering who Byte was and why Astro isn't owner in discord and that is just because Astro is currently focusing on school and he is trying to do all the behind the scenes work, he simply does not have time to deal with discord and the forums which is why I am owner on them and as for Byte he will no longer be with us he is focusing on schooling aswell and decided to part ways because of his lack of inactivity. @NetflixFeelings has been working on Factions & Prison for the past two weeks which we are very excited to announce the reset of those soon. Throughout the last week I've been trying to focus on bugs for skyblock like the kits being messed up with vanilla enchants, etc. and I will be fixing the xp issue that is going on right now.​
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