Well today us owners have decided to officially open Skyblock and KitPvP with Factions coming this WEEK! That means no more random restarts or resets of your player data, if you the players have any questions and no staff are online post them on the forums and I will personally reply back to them within 24 hours. Also if any of you have suggestions please post them down below on how to improve our Server :)

As I mentioned last post we are currently looking for staff, which is still true that's why we're going to be accepting people within the week as well we have accepted @DalmanPlaysMC as our first Moderator who will patrol all servers :) Finally this week you will most likely see a video from our first Youtuber with more Youtubers to come :)

You can take advantage of our 60% sale while it lasts at Store.BoostedNetwork.org all donations go towards improving your server experience
Welcome to BoostedNetwork, mc.BoostedNetwork.org

BoostedNetwork is a Skyblock, Factions and KitPvP server brought to you by @Herbi , @iMajor and I (@TheJackLC). Our servers are currently whitelisted as we're finalising them for the launch of our Beta which will last two weeks, during this Beta we will be doing Rank giveaways, which will continue through to the proper release. On BoostedNetwork we strive for two things pride and bringing quality game play to our supporters that's why we're in the middle of contacting multiple small Youtubers, that will bring a player base to our server.

Special Features:
Custom Enchants on both Skyblock and Factions
Custom Plugins
Premium Plugins

Over the past weeks we have been working on abnormal rank names, that fit our theme of "Boosted" other words Big, When donate for a rank all your proceeds go towards paying for the server, advertisement and server upgrades/maintenance Click Here for our Buycraft page.
- All rank permissions and perk's are listed on the Buycraft website.


Currently there is only us three Owners, as staff but we have some people in mind that we're going to be adding to our staff team soon, Click Here to be redirected to our Staff Applications page.