Hello guys.

I have just added McMMO Credits to buycraft, Once you purchase the credits it will automatically give you the McMMO credits in-game!

We have also added the x50 Boosted Key + Key All Boosted, x50 Jumbo Key + Key All Jumbo, Once this is purchased you will be given x50 keys and everyone on the server will get x1 key :)

If anyone has any suggestions on the server feel free to shoot them my way! :)
Hello guys! Herbi here!

We, the staff team, are going to release a new rank called, “Jumbo.” It will have the same perks and features as Boosted for now! Players that have Boosted will get the Jumbo rank. Boosted will then be the final and most expensive rank worth $1000 ($100 with the 90% sale.)
The things we are going to add to this incredibly OP rank are:
  • Boosted Mine, Players will be able to warp to a mine with goodies. :) (/warp BoostedMine)
  • 2 Jumbo keys a week.
  • Awesome new kit.
  • Create your own title!
  • /Sell all
  • /Fix all (Repairs armour you're wearing)
  • Ah limit of 30 items
  • 20 Player Vaults
  • Ability to set 50 homes
  • Ability to store 60 Pets
  • Admin item of your choice.
  • All trails, That includes block, rain and wings trail!
  • The boosted shop has been added!
  • Quadruple McMMOExp
  • All titles! /tags
  • +More, If anyone has suggestions feel free to comment below.
New Kit:


Merry Christmas all, Well hi all it's TheJackLC, one of BoostedNetworks three owners, the other two being of cause @Herbi and @iMajor. We've come today to thank every single one of you for playing on our server and for helping us reach 212% of our server donation goal as well moving up 100,000 spots on some votes sites that's RIGHT ONE HUNDRED THOUSANDS Spots, for this we have to congratulate the following individuals for being our Monthly Top Voters and of course our Top Monthly Donor. Most of you won't know this but on November 30th we officially became a one month old server <3 (Yes Beta did begin on the 20th though)

Christmas Sales:

This month we're running a sale 70% Christmas Sale with an extra 15% off to all subscribers/viewers of @RiverRain123 our Active Youtuber, who uploads at least twice a week :) We're also planning on running multiple flash sales on the days running up to Christmas these may include sales of up to 90 to 95 percent of everything!
@RiverRain123 is currently hosting a Rankup Giveaway to all his subscribers go check out his video here:
We're working with @RiverRain123 to produce the best quality videos you can deliver, this includes future giveaways and Christmas coupons soon to come :)

Christmas Theme:
@Herbi and I have decided to transform Skyblock, our most popular server into a Christmas wonderland, including a massive Christmas tree near /crates, as well as a Christmas Crate Key which is purchasable through /buy and win-able through the advent calendar which has started :) We will also randomly start Santa events, where a NPC on Santa Clause will roam around /spawn dropping goodies for...
Hey guys, Jack and I have been working hard lately to get some fresh stuff out for you guys! Here are the new features that have been added lately :)

First of all, We have added titles (Tags to the left of your name In-Game) there are currently 11 available tags, The current ones can be found on the boostednetwork store (http://store.boostednetwork.org/) or through the titles crate which is obtained through boosted crates!

We have also added pets to the server! You can obtain these pets through /petshop and /petshop babies

Coming very soon:
Coming 1st of December is the Christmas plugin, This includes Advent calendar and santa clause events! Get your snow jackets out and gloves it will be snowing!
BoostedNetwork Build Competition
What are we Building?
Well the build competition is focused on Skyblock starter islands, their will be six winners out of the competition and they will receive full credit in the description of the island and will be able to choose the Skyblock island name. These six islands will appear next to the three default island choices which you're given when you first do /is. Islands can't start with "OP" items such as Diamond, Iron, Gold or Emerald blocks, and must not bypass 50x50 radius, they must not also bypass 250 levels when they first begin ;)

What can we win?
You will win a FREE Rank-upgrade and if you enter two separate islands and both are selected to be used, you will receive two free rank-upgrades, there is NO limit to how many different builds you can enter

Where do we build?
On your island unless you know how to upload a schematic of your island otherwise I will not accept your entry


May The Best Builder WIN!
Competition Ends December 1st