Hey guys!

The time is here! You have all waited a long time for these bosses and I apologize for the wait, You will be able to buy bosses through /buy (store.boostednetwork.org), I will consider adding in the future, a feature where the bosses will randomly spawn at /arena, Upon buying your boss egg you will go to /arena, Once you drop down you will see a spawning platform, Spawn your egg and good luck! Below I will list all of the boss information.

Tier 3:

Molag Bal:

Health: 500
Skills: Knockback, Blind.

Lich King:

Health: 350
Skills: Blind, Knockback

Lava Queen:

Health: 300
Skills: Blind, Knockback

Tier 2:


Health: 200
Skills: Knockback

Bone Colossus:

Health: 50
Skills: Blind

Tier 1:

Dwarven Centurion:

Health: 150
Skills: Knockack

Skill information:
Warp: Warps ontop of a player who has attacked the boss if they are within 30 blocks.
Cage: Surrounds the players that have tagged the boss in an iron cage.
Knockback: Knocks all players within 10 blocks really high and far away from the boss.
Blind: Gives all players within 10 blocks blindness for a long time.

Thank you for playing on

Hello all, It's Jack here, back with another post to inform you all about what we've added in the past few days which is:

  • The Ability to /block all items even if they have a metadata, we even added it so you can /block Lapis
  • All items are invincible to lava, fire and cactus, that way you can have unlimited types of different mob grinders/farms without loosing your items
  • The new /is bank where you can share items and money with your fellow islanders!

Soon to come are our custom bosses, which we're still testing on Factions, before we move it over to Skyblock!
Hey everyone! Bellow are the top voters & the top donor for the month of December! /vote in-game to try be one of the top 3 voters and be rewarded with a store voucher!

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For more information about this months giveaway, Check out out Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/BoostedNetwork/status/813906941319614464

Happy new years guys! Thank you for playing on BoostedNetwork
Hey guys,

Go check out our twitter post on our monthly Razer giveaway :)

Congratulations Guys
Today 17/12/2016 Boosted Network reached 100 players not just on the server but on Skyblock alone
These are some of the screenshots that i got
[​IMG] [​IMG]

GG Guys Lets goo