Hello all,

I'm sorry for this long delayed post, since either of @Herbi and I posted it was about the Skyblock 2.0 Reset, we were extremely happy with the turnout reaching nearly 200 players during the first few weeks, which has dropped off as expected. I will be from now on posting every single tiny update to Discord, so everyone can stay up to date, I will re-post the big updates here though :)
Discord Link: https://discord.me/boostednetwork

What is happening with Skyblock, why is there so much lag?
Currently with Skyblock we've implemented as much as possible without involving custom plugins which takes time sadly, otherwise we'd have around 15 Brand new plugins in Skyblock right now, that is why we're currently looking to hire more developers, what about the lag? Sadly it's an issue which is fixable but is going to take time, up-time has actually increased dramatically over the past few days but isn't noticeable as when the server starts to lag there seems to be no admin online, which is why we're lowering the boss timer to 8 hours and going to look into having an auto restart every 8 hours and 30 minutes, whereas every other server will have a 24 hour restart timer. :)

According to @AMinecraftDev 1st of June will be the latest reset date, yes we know that is still quite awhile away but it will be worth the wait, as it will be a game changing type of Factions, one that you have never seen or heard of before. It will still contain your usual features like Custom Enchants, and KoTHs and things like that, but there will be so much more on there that you'll never have seen on any other server. More to come on that later on, closer to the...
Hello all,

The time has come, to release Skyblock 2.0, Yes it has come sooner than we have expected but numerous amounts of players and staff have been asking for one, so we have ;) As most of you know Boosted has only been up for roughly five months, In the past five months we have gone through a lot, these problems which we went through helped us to grow as server owners and as a community together. Together Jack, the admins and I have been working on Skyblock 2.0 for over a month now and have already completed majority of Skyblock, the one week of beta will begin on the 3rd of March! Yes you heard right! You will only have to wait three days to check the new Skyblock :) Once this one week beta is done we estimate to have the full release on the 10th of march.

This is a small list of all the new features which will appear
  • Server will be 1.11 Based allowing 1.11-1.8 clients to join
  • Brand new custom spawn
  • New shop
  • All warns, Kicks and banned alts will be reset
  • Reworked Crates
  • Reworked Kits
  • Reworked Bosses
  • Brand new boss arena
  • Brand new 'Miniature Pets'
  • Custom withdrawal plugin, so no more EXP glitches
  • Awesome new boosters such as: Fly, McMMO, Exp, Sell and voting boosters
  • Leader boards for top three kills, Balance and Money!
  • Added black scrolls to custom enchants

All of the boosters will be applied to every player on the server. Below is all of the booster information :)
Fly booster: When activated, this booster will give everyone on the server fly for 30 minutes.
Voting booster: When activated, This booster will give everyone double voting rewards for 30 minutes upon voting.
Sell booster: When activated, This booster will give everyone a sell multiplier of x2 for 15 minutes.
Experience booster: When activated, This booster will give everyone x2 experience gain for 1 hour.
McMMO booster: When activated, This booster will give everyone x2 McMMO experience gain for 1 hour.

Brand new GUI's:
We have added helpful menus packed full of information! To view these in-game do /help do bring up a menu with all the information :)

New custom drops:
Instead of Cavespider, Silverfish and Villager, The mobs that will drop custom items are Stray, Vindicator, Llama and Evoker. You will be able to obtain these spawners in crates and the shop at /boostedmine. :) Below I will add all of the drop information.

Short Questions & Answers:
What will be reset?
Money balances, mcMMO levels, inventories, enderchest contents, playervault contents, islands, and everything along those lines.

What will happen to the current server?

The current server will stay up during the one week beta on the 3rd of March (Items in auction house will be cleared when beta starts) But once the beta Is over and the official release Is in place the current skyblock will be wiped :)

What about Buycraft purchases?
Everyone who has won an official Rankupgrade will keep there rank or if you have purchased your rank through Buycraft, they will stay, however only the last two weeks of Bosses, Crates, Care packages and boosters will be sent through

How will farms work?
You will not need to have a gap between the hoppers and the lava when creating an automatic farm as the items will not burn In the lava :)

What about bosses?
The bosses have been completely re done, There will only be 4 bosses to choose from, Goblin Prince, BloodFiend, Dread Lich and Valanir The Restless, Anyone that has purchased a boss in the past two week will be given a boss that is similar in price compared to the old version. Below is a gif with some more boss information :)


What happens to 1.11 items If I am In 1.8?
When it is advised to be In 1.11 for the awesome new mobs and blocks, You still will be able to play in 1.8, The only change there will be Is, If you see a 1.11 item when you are In a 1.8 minecraft you will see a different texture oppose to what someone In 1.11 will see. For example, Shulker boxes are new to 1.11, If you are In 1.8 you will see a furnace, But the item will not change. If you have a 1.11 Item in your inventory and you decide to switch to 1.8 the item will not disappear, You will just see a different block until you go back into 1.11 and vice versa.

When the beta Is released, If you find a bug of any type, You will be rewarded upon showing a staff member.

In the comments section put your In-game name & why you love BoostedNetwork, I will choose three people and you will be awarded with a rank upgrade. :)

If you have any questions please ask down below! :)

Thank you for sticking with us! We look forward to the promising future of BoostedNetwork
From the BoostedNetwork Staff team.
Hello everyone,

Over the past few weeks Herbi and I have been working constantly to bring you new and interesting aspects into your Skyblock life, typically we don't normally make formal posts regarding to updates or implements instead we create a single post explaining what is needed to know about that update, I sincerely apologise as I prefer to do a formal post which goes into everything in depth, In this post I'm going to recap things we've previously released and made posts for as we're constantly editing our current plugins to optimise them and keep up with the current economy. I'd also like to thank everyone for helping us double our server goal and like to announce that we have released two more payment methods which are Paymentwall and PayGol. We will be picking the winner of the Razer item within 24 hours! don't forget to get your last minute entry: http://boostednetwork.org/forums/threads/razer-giveaway.553/

Currently every 12 hours either the Spindlekin or Dwarven Centurion will spawn at /Arena use /boss time to check when the next spawn will be, we've also released /bosses which shows you their health and tier level, we will be updating these to include there strengths and a backstory! If you wish to fight a low tier boss privately or a higher tier boss we're currently selling them in the Buycraft store, we're offering private and public boss fights!


KOTHS otherwise known as King of the Hill, is a PvP event held at 8am and 8pm Central Canadian time (UTC -6:00), every single day, held within this tree at /pvp, the aim of the event is to kill your way through the crowds of other players and make it too the top of the tree, where you will have to hold off other players, warning they have to knock you out of the area for you too loose the...
Hey everyone! Bellow are the top voters & the top donor for the month of March! /vote in-game to try be one of the top 3 voters and be rewarded with a store voucher!
Top Donor: (/buy)

@Nasher1337 Who has won a $40USD store voucher​
Top Voters: (/vote)

@nairda98 Who has won a $20USD store voucher
@Borobia Who has won a $10USD store voucher
@Nevermore Who has won a $5USD store voucher
Thank you every who has voted for Boosted!​

We hope you enjoy your stay! Thank you for playing on BoostedNetwork
BoostedNetwork Easter Build Competition

As many of you will be aware Easter is coming up, so to get everyone in the Easter spirit and give players a little healthy competition I have decided to have a Easter Build Competition!

What are the requirements for the build?
The only requirement is that the build is Easter/Spring related.

How do I enter?

You can enter by responding to this post with a few pictures of your build and the coordinates of your build! You can submit as many builds as you want!

Where do I build?

You build on your island!

What are the rewards?
The current prizes include a rank upgrade! Easter keys and other crate keys!
If you don't currently have a rank you will be given the first rank, which is Miniature!

More prizes may be given away if we receive lots of submissions!

How long do I have?
All builds must be submitted by Friday the 14th (Good Friday) As hopefully the winners will be announced on Easter day!

If you have any questions ask below!

Good luck to everyone who takes part!