Good Evening Everyone,

I am organising an Event to happen on Boosted Network sometime in the next one - three weeks. In order for this to happen/ however, we need a temporary Building Team to build the event area. We will be building a fairly large area with 10 different sections and 10 different themes overall that I plan to have. Truck has taken the initiative to come up with this event and build some himself but he would very much appreciate if more people from the community would help him out.

Applications will be over private messaging on the Forums. Once accepted you will be placed into a Temporary Discord Group where we will be able to Communicate. The overall theme of the Sections will be (Plains, Nether, Ice Biome, Jungle, End, Desert, Planets, Mine, Boosted and Shrinked). So if you believe you are a good Builder then this thread is probably directed at you.

Private message @my_pick_up_truck your application!




Example Builds (Optional but Preferred):

How often can you be online:

Discord Username:

Private message @my_pick_up_truck on the Forums with your application and he will get back to your fairly quickly. Applications closed in 1 week. By applying it does not guarantee you a place to build in the event, also I will be accepting Individuals, not Teams.

Good Luck and get Building!​

Accepted (6/6):
Hello Everyone,

I have decided to do monthly building competitions for the server so players have the opportunity to win some awesome rewards on the server. This is meant to be a fun competitive event for the players and players are not allowed to criticize or be rude to fellow competitors. Let us have some fun with this, shall we begin!

Building Theme

  • You are allowed to build your build with a team, or just go solo if you wish. But you must post the google form your team so in the event you do win the competition, the rewards will be divided among yourselves by Administrators, please keep this in mind.
  • Your builds must remain appropriate and PG - failing to follow this rule will lead to you being disqualified from the competition.
  • Have fun with this competition.
  • You are to build on your island.

Would you like to enter?
Please fill out this Form to enter into the monthly building competition!

First Place: shall receive a $50 Buycraft Coupon to spend on the server!
Second Place: shall receive a $25 Buycraft Coupon to spend on the server!
Third Place: shall receive a $10 Buycraft Coupon to spend on the server!
Participants: shall receive one medium key! (You still must have something built.)

Winners shall be chosen on the 29th of September.

Happy Building!

~ Boosted Network Staff Team​

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to officially apologise for the lack of activity @AMinecraftDev and I have shown on the server, but we've been working really hard behind the scenes the past few months putting together GlacialRealms, which in turn will help Boosted, as we're testing out a bunch new updates which will send BoostedNetwork into the next level of immaculateness! If anyone needs to contact me PM me on Forums or Discord, as I usually check them daily! These people below are the ones, I'd like to congratulate again as they help us out severely <3
PS. Keep posting suggestions, as I love to see all the feedback and plugin ideas you have to come up with, some might not be implemented for months to come, but they will be in our to do list, along with about 20+ plugins and the 50+ custom plugins which are already being tested on Glacial.

Top Donor: (/buy)

@Jobby920 has won a $50USD store voucher

Top Voters: (/vote)

@Hakatsuki has won a $25USD store voucher
@Gabriella818 has won a $20USD store voucher
@PvpJamy has won a $15USD store voucher

Thank you, every who has voted for Boosted!

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to thank every single player who has stuck along side us during the last few months, many of you may have heard we've been limited to what we can do until August 14th, due to all your donations being put on a 7-14 day hold, depending on where you live, these donations are what keeps the server running and pays for the constant development and advertisement. So till then, we've had to limit what we can do but I promise you once we've surpassed that date and everything return to normal we will continue to grow as a community. Many of you may wonder what's suddenly caused this PayPal issues it's due to us changing to a business PayPal, which we were forced to do and can't undo." Yes, that is a repeat of what I previously stated in the last Top Voter, I just wanted to re-inform everyone and to notify everyone that we've only got two more weeks left of this limitation. This little introduction is going to include everything of what's going on and our plans for BoostedNetwork! As some of you may have seen in Boosted's Discord (Discord.me/BoostedNetwork) I mentioned we've hired a team to investigate our lag and solve it, will it be an instant fix? Sadly no, it will take time as we need to find the source of the lag then fix it, but there will be numerous sources of lag, and then we have to find ways of dealing with it, without affecting your game play. QNCore V1 I can officially say has been developed, I have been talking to @AMinecraftDev today about it, and he was saying "going through messages in QNcore atm and changing them so they'll all be similar, that sort of thing" we will begin testing our QNCore immediately, what does this new core mean for Boosted? Wel, ultimately a lot of the issues we've had on Boosted is due to running numerous plugins, by numerous different developers. By having all our plugins being developed by a team who is working together...​
Hello, Everyone.

There has been a lot of questions coming my way recently on the server and I would just like to clarify to everyone so they are made well aware and so Staff do not have to answer the same questions five times a day. Let us jump into it.

When will the next Staff Wave be?
The nearest Staff Wave would have to be either one or two months away, or possibly further. We do not have set dates of course for when we would like to recruit as this all very much depends on server growth and so forth. The only thing that can create a Staff Wave soon as if many staff members suddenly decide they want to resign, which is unlikely. Be patient and you will not be disappointed.

Are you looking for Builders?
At this moment in time, No. Will we likely be on the prowl for some soon, Yes. Should I message with my application now, only if you want to be smacked. Builders could be something for the far or near future, however, we do not have anything planned just yet which could provoke us to begin our search. If I need builders for events then you shall be notified by another announcement much like this one.

Skyblock Season 3.0 soon?
No. Nothing has been currently planned or set in stone, however, we have begun to take notes on bug fixes and ideas which could be implemented in the future Season that we believe would be enjoyable for the players, but at this moment in time, our eyes are set on fixing our Brother Network, Glacial Realms.