Happy Easter Everyone,

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I'm going to keep this short and simple really, as we've been keeping everyone updated through Discord lately, with over 800+ Discord Members and constantly 100 online Discord Members. We are currently having our own TacoSpigot Fork being developed to enhance our server along with other options in order to lower lag and other issues that you may have noticed. Hopefully this will make Boosted more enjoyable for you all, and stop us from having to restart the server multiple times a day. With this Easter Break we've released a /kit Easter which is available to all members and a Easter CarePackage available via /buy. To stay up to date with every single change that occurs on the server, checkout the #changelog on Discord, plus join in on the eleven giveaways we're currently running, ten are on Discord and one is hosted via our Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoostedNetwork/status/979655590732447744. Finally we would like to congratulate @WasabiKekse0508 for winning @AMinecraftDev 's Build Event!

Store: https://Store.BoostedNetwork.org
Discord: https://BoostedNetwork.org/discord
Twitter: https://Twitter.com/BoostedNetwork

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Hello Everyone,

Update |
We'd like to first thank everyone for helping us reach our 100% donation goal in the month of February those donations went a long way to pay for Builds, Youtubers and Development. To start of the month of February we've signed up to a new Voting Site https://BoostedNetwork.org/vote8 and have paid for a twelve week advertisement slot on a Gaming Website which gets tens of thousands of views a month. I will also be actively emailing a bunch of Youtubers in the coming days, I will be even reaching out to a few who have millions in Subscribers and have an active fan base.

Many of you may not know this but only recently @AMinecraftDev installed a Suggestion Bot into Discord, which we've been actively using plus created a #changelog channel, where we've been posting every single change we do to Boosted, we feel this system is a lot cleaner and easier to inform you the players. However with this being said it is up to you the players to actively check it as we're not tagging @everyone due to the severe amount of changes which can occur daily, especially when we might revert a change, or continuously update it which leads to the original message being deleted.

To Start the month of March off we're hosting a 82.5% off Network Wide Sale! Plus we're going to be hosting six giveaways on Discord and one on Twitter, with more to come in the weeks to come! That's not all we've also released the OP Pickaxe for Factions on Buycraft for 50USD (Image of Pickaxe below), also don't think we've forgotten about those GKits I've posted them into Admin chat for confirmation before we release them to the public as we want to allow for them to be OP but not without hurting the economy as they're redeemable every WEEK! Also if you were wondering, every single Factions issue we were experiencing with /f who and /f map plus other similar commands...
Hello everyone,

Back here with another event! This is a special build event where the player, you, must build the best event arena you can. This can include things from, but not limited to, parkour, mazes, etc.

We will be judging the best build based on looks, practicality, length of the event, and detail of the builds. Once we (Jack, Combat, and I) decide the winner, you will receive a free rank upgrade, as well as having the next event be hosted on your island at an agreed time! If you would like to enter, you must build the build on either Skyblock (*from BoostedNetwork*) or the Skyblock on GlacialRealms.

To submit your build entry, go to in #event-entry and enter your in-game name, with a screenshot of your build (a link) showing the scoreboard from Skyblock BoostedNetwork or Skyblock GlacialRealms as well as part of your build. If your build is on GlacialRealms it will be copied over to an empty island to run the event on BoostedNetwork Skyblock.

The build event commences as soon as you read this message and will end on the 10th of March 2018. You can do any build type, as long as it's PG and an event can be run on it (eg. it must have parkour, or a maze or some form of event)

AMinecraftDev | Network Owner.

Hello Everyone!

This post is simply just to thank everyone for their recent support with BoostedNetwork 3.0 this has probably been our biggest and best launch (Apart from the first couple hours, whats a revamp without some crashes ayy). Now that Skyblock is out and rocking pretty well, with a constant 50 - 130+ players, I haven't seen the server drop below 58 players since we released, and now it's rocking at 88 Players. If you guys and girls didn't see I made a Twitter Post on February 3rd, thanking each one of you for you for joining us on our release, the post includes a screenshot of Tab with 130 players online across the Network (https://twitter.com/BoostedNetwork/status/960026547439656962)

This weekend we're hoping for big things, and possibly for Boosted to hit the 200+ player count again with the release of Factions! Sorry for the delay the map wasn't quite ready but now it is! We've now come up with many ways to attract the most amount of players we could such as sending out another email to EVERYONE making sure they know about the release and that is was a massive success in our eyes at least. Comment down below what you personally think!

Giveaways? That's right P0wer0wner our new Youtuber with 25k Subscribers is hosting a Gigantic Rank Giveaway! Check out his first video right here:

I've personally seen some of P0wer0wner's live streams and videos bring hundreds of players to servers, so lets hope his viewers are just as excited as all of you to play on Boosted, but for us to willingly welcome his supporter base. Not only will P0wer0wner be recording, we also have Tento a 2.3k Youtuber, who also streams quite often, recommended to me by @my_pick_up_truck who quite often watches his streams.

Let's get down to Factions, quick facts:
  • Release is in 2 Days:...
The long anticipated Boosted Revamp has finally been announced!

Hello everyone, as you all know Skyblock 2.0 has been online for roughly ten months, in that time we grew to a player count of over 150-200 players nearly every single weekend for numerous months. Sadly though due to my schooling and Herbi leaving, the server fell into a state of decay. However so many of you stayed around through the tough times, and continued to donate to keep the server going, we went through numerous months wondering if we were going to be able to afford to pay the server bills as they kept piling upon us, however we managed to survive and get through it. This season will be the best season we have produced, it stands out above the rest with roughly 100 plus, custom coded plugins across Skyblock and Factions. Many of you have not have noticed but we got a new logo half way through this season, which is presented at the top of this post. Plus this is the first season @AMinecraftDev and I have released together on Boosted and it will be one to remember!

When is this occurring?
Friday 2nd February (Countdown Click Here)

Advertising |

This will be the major question for a lot of you, how are we going to bring Boosted back up to its strong playerbase of 100-200 players on daily, it's going to be a struggle I have to admit that, but we're teaming up with numerous Youtubers this season, how many will actually record though on release is undertemined, as they want to see a strong playerbase and community before deciding if they want to record, so we better show them that together we're one. Other ways I've talked about is paying for a Trailer and Adveritising that through Google Ad's, promising thousands of views, Reddit Post, Minecraft Forums Post, Numerous Voting Sites,...