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  1. Hey i got banned on the server for duplicate but i already got banned for that you/serverowners forgot to remove my inventory to i thought i could keep it so i didt a drop party at spawn then i got bannned. Then i hoped on ts and talked to drgreen but he didnt understand what i meant (no hard feelings drgreen) then i talked to rexthemight cuz i thought that he wass a staff member and he is from the same contry as me he said he will help me get unbanned if he could but he wassent a staff anymore then real moved me to his channel and talked to me and understanted me he wass trying to get contackt to you guys (serverowners) to ask if i could get unbanned didtn mean anything about the dp i didtn know i couldnt
  2. Please use the correct format. Thank you.
  3. I'm still surprised you thought it was okay to do a drop party with those items instead of contacting staff and asking what to do with those items. Doing a drop party with those items is worse than actually duplicating them in my opinion.
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  4. well i thought i could keep them so i didt it to remove the past and start over sorry
  5. Title: dupe glitch got banned twice becuz of that
    Your IGN: NoHaxOnlyFun
    Reason for Ban: duplicatio glitch drop party at spawn
    Time & Date of Ban: 2 days ago or 9/01/2017
    Name of Staff member who banned you: console banned
    Why you should be unbanned: i think the server owners made a mistake forgetting removing my items so i thought i could keep the items just when i got unbanned i was
    that i got unbanned with a little drop party i forgot to msg the server owners and ask if i could keep the items but i was assuming i could then i got banned bye console

    Included in Ban Appeals:
    - TS Ban Appeals
    i was on ts and spoke to real and drgreen they didtn understand what i was saying real kinda figured out but no hard feelings drgreen
  6. Okay for starters you want ro make your ban appeal nice. There are loads of spelling, grammar, and missing letters through out this whole thing. Do your self a favor and fix those.

  7. well thx but. im not a english teacher im from denmark that is why im not spelling that greate
  8. Out of common sence (no offence) if you duped the items and got banned, why would you keep them? Yes probably we forgot to remove them from you but, you could've said you still had them...
  9. Your ban has been reduced to 5 Days, but these are the following terms, Your Inventory, Enderchest and PlayerVaults will be wiped, your island has been removed and you will loose /kit Keys.
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