The new Boosted Logo

Discussion in 'Youtube Showcase' started by SolidDesign, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone,

    as you might have noticed, Boosted network has just gotten a new logo!

    Im the proud the designer and would love to share the process of making it with you all :)



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  2. Great work soliddesign
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  3. Great work! Absolutely eye catching! Would you be able to make me a avatar by any chance? I've been looking for a good designer for quite a while now. Here is my skin: (Contact me via forums mail if you are willing :D)
  4. Great work! Love the design
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  5. I honestly feel stupid. I have no idea how to even work photo shop or
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  6. Imajor is the third owner of this server.
  7. I know.. I'm not stupid.
  8. Okay well i thought you didn't. You dont have to be rude though.
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  9. wow you can draw good!:eek:
  10. This is seriously amazing, It makes me feel like a noob at drawing now..
  11. PLOT TWIST! What if major left the staff team because he wasn't on the banner xD
  12. Major is no longer staff
  13. I know
  14. He was Majoe, he didnt do anythin xD

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