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Discussion in 'Under Consideration' started by exploitkit, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Hey guys so there has been a lot of confusion around Macros on the server recently and I figured I'd put some suggestions of what should be Legal and Illegal on the Boosted Network. Please don't trash my thread and leave suggestions to help improve this community and keep it abuse free!

    ILLEGAL Macros :

    Any sort of Macro to give you any advantage in PvP would be ILLEGAL such as but not limited to :
    Auto Clickers, "Auto Soup", scrolling to a item and using it or a bow boosting macro.

    Any sort of Macro to allow you to auto /shop or /sell all on a Loop to AFK and make money would be ILLEGAL such as but not limited to :
    A /shop to go to a category and sell a certain item or using /sell all on a loop to AFK sell.

    Allowed Macros :

    A Macro or Minecraft shortcut or putting something on your keyboard to afk mine a cobble generator would be LEGAL as long as there is no /fix all script to auto fix your tools.

    Any sort of Macro that would be used to make building or something easier I would find LEGAL as long as it doesn't automate any commands to make profit.

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