Private Ban Appeals and Staff Applications

Discussion in 'Under Consideration' started by SwishySlime, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. I think that ban apeals (maybe staff applications) should be a submission and private.... anyone else think this?
  2. I'm looking into Re-vamping both where it isn't a format where you copy and paste but one where there is text boxes which you have to fill in the information and everything is hidden.
  3. Please don't, as then we cannot see other peoples applications, and how much detail they've put in, and compare to other peoples.
  4. What people say on staff application eg +1 -1 makes hardly any difference to a application, players judge everyone differently but as staff we judge everyone as equals. Also detail means hardly anything to being a staff member, it's how you show potential in game. An application just shows us you're interested and the reasons why, where as in game you show us your maturity level and how you play with new and old players.
  5. I believe that it is good for people to see the accepted staff application to know who the staff are and what they did. Also if these were to be made private then staff should still be able to see all of them. Need anything else then post onto this or private message me.
  6. Oh okay, I forgot about these crucial points, I don't really mind if you make it private.
  7. I forgot to mention people can private message us there Staff Applications or Ban Appeals using the correct format if they don't want to show it too everyone and want it too stay confidential.
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