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Discussion in 'Denied' started by connor7531, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. can you add a trading thing that you can trade a certain amount of vote for a small key then a certain amount of small keys for a medium key ect.
  2. If you use those keys you've got a chance to win better keys in each crate. E.g. You can win a small key from a voter crate, and a medium key from a small crate etc.
  3. but this way you can definitely get a better crate
  4. The whole point is that it is to see if you are lucky or not. You can win the prizes that are in the crates and you can win the next key up. By having this we might as well get rid of the crates apart from boosted because that's what everyone will save up for.
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  5. I tihnk tihs is a good idea but make the keys super super expensive ot trade for..... like 20 keys? Or even more.....
  6. Sorry, I'm denying this as then it's pointless to use your keys and everyone will just save and save till they have the highest possible keys.
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