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    I was at warp pvp, waiting for someone to come and fight, and someone with absolutely nothing jumped down and punched me, I killed him and then got stuck in a block and kicked for flying, this caused me to die and loose all my items. My god set and god sword, you can ask theimbaone about the set because he sold me the enchants and everything. After I died the people who kept fisting me took my items... Coadstar and Nuzzle
  2. Sorry, without proof there is nothing we can really do, block glitching is apart of minecraft itself, I can get blocked glitched on any server, sadly.
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  3. You can ask the people with my stuff how I died. Coadstar and Nuzzle, this is like 20m worth of stuff...
  4. As you were in the pvp area, you are risking your gear, you will have to talk to the people who collected your gear to see, if they will give it back to you.
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  5. What Jack said is true, unfortunatly we cannot refund your items due to it was in PvP.
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