Accepted I would like to buy UnBan, but it is very expensive.

Discussion in 'Accepted Ban Appeals' started by Dreycom_Gamer, Jan 12, 2017.

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  1. I wish it were cheaper.
  2. what didt you do just reply if you want
    just asking
  3. The reason they are so expensive, is to make people think twice about their actions.
  4. that is the good thing
  5. He was banned for bypassing 3 day ban, on alt.
  6. Shut up your mouth ExtremeBomber123
  7. Don't disrepect staffs
  8. IGN: Dreycom_Gamer

    Reason for Ban: Bypassing 3 day ban on alt

    Time & Date of Ban: 2016/12/22

    Name of Staff member who banned you: _Trkey

    Why you should be unbanned: It is unfair to be banished for so many days. / Can only ban Permanent hackers / I would like the ban to be reduced

    Supporting Evidence [Optional]:

  9. Well dont get banned it is as simple as that!
    Well I get your point Flick but its not gonna hurt me! Hes just upset as he got banned! Thanks anyways -Sean
  10. Actually we can ban Advertisers, hackers and abusers! And you can still buy and unban if you wish! and if im honnest You are lucky it is not a perm ban!
  11. I would like my ban to be reduced. Okay.
  12. We've decided to unban you, as we believe that your punishment time as been suffice and we believe you have learnt your lesson.
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