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    Exploit's Pricing DB
    These Prices are not what everyone does but is most common
    Will add more items to list when needed

    Custom Enchants :
    Legendary Books : ~500k or more based on book
    Rare Books : ~250k or more based on book
    Common Books : ~100k or more based on book

    Spawners w/o Upgrades :
    Peaceful Spawners : User price, not worth much
    Hostile Spawners (Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Blaze, etc) : tops ~500k
    Iron Golems : ~500k
    Silverfish : ~1.5m - 3m
    Villager : ~1.5 - 2m
    Cave Spider : ~1.5 - 2m
    Guardian : ~2 - 3m
    Enderman / Creeper : ~1 - 1.5m
    Pigman : Unknown aren't a good spawner

    Items :
    Rename tags : ~250k
    Keys : User price
    God Items (Armor, Tools, Swords, Bow, or Axes) : User price or around what each enchant is worth for each item
    Miner Pickaxe : ~1-2m no enchants ~5-8m with enchants
    OP Jumbo Pickaxe : ~5-8m no enchants ~15m with enchants
    OP Boosted Pickaxe : ~20m no enchants ~30m+ with enchants
  2. second page just in case need more space for database
  3. your enchant prices is way off base here man.. Also your the pickaxe price when enchanted way off.
  4. If its off, give feedback fam and ill edit it
  5. Endermans are worth 1Mill in /shop so how could they be worth up to 1.5Mill o_O
  6. xD Idk just kind of giving some sort of range on items so the eco starts getting set to something decent and to lower people getting ripped off on items
  7. the miner's pick is worth like 5-8 mil with maxed enchants and also you have to set the enchant prices up
  8. what enchant prices?

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