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Discussion in 'Archived (Skyblock)' started by Herbi, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys,

    So we have noticed a lot of players have been making casinos, So we have decided to make a few rules regarding the casinos.

    All casinos that are user ran, So for example, When a player enters a room and just pulls a lever and a dispenser gives the player the reward, These casinos are easy to rig and anyone found using this type of casino will get a 3 DAY BAN.

    If anyone does not agree with these rules, Please let me know.

    Thanks for playing on BoostedNetwork! :)
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  2. ok but is the ones with a dispenser that shots an arrow and the arrow land on a specific block ok to use??
  3. Glad this have been confirmed, thanks Herbi
  4. All casino's are bannable.
  5. im read this today lol im go to destroy my casino now :) i need to see old days the forum to see this notice :(
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