Denied 1mirrormirror1's ban appeals

Discussion in 'Denied Ban Appeals' started by _MrElmo_Stich_, Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. Your IGN:1mirrormirror1
    Reason for Ban:ban evading
    Time & Date of Ban:2017-01-01
    Name of Staff member who banned you:thejacklc
    Why you should be unbanned: it was a false ban 1 person (my sister) was yelling at staff to unban my main account 1MrMarshmallo1 (MrElmo_Stich) and so thejacklc just banned everyone on my ip and I would love if you unban this alt
    Supporting Evidence [Optional]:
  2. y did you ban 1MrMarshmallo1 YYY this is my fav server y did you do it??
    (y volcano y)
  3. Sorry, 1MrMarshmallo1 shouldn't have been banned, I've got a mod to unban it for you :)
    But regarding to your appeal, it's quite conflicting in some areas, right here you say it's your sisters account basically but:
    Here you say its your alt, which then its not getting unbanned as it wasn't false banned, if you were banned for ban evasion by using an alt:
  4. thx for unbanning me love your server :)
  5. Ban Appeal, locked for 1mirrormirror1 as no reason was shown for an unban.
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