Hello everyone,

Over the past few weeks Herbi and I have been working constantly to bring you new and interesting aspects into your Skyblock life, typically we don't normally make formal posts regarding to updates or implements instead we create a single post explaining what is needed to know about that update, I sincerely apologise as I prefer to do a formal post which goes into everything in depth, In this post I'm going to recap things we've previously released and made posts for as we're constantly editing our current plugins to optimise them and keep up with the current economy. I'd also like to thank everyone for helping us double our server goal and like to announce that we have released two more payment methods which are Paymentwall and PayGol. We will be picking the winner of the Razer item within 24 hours! don't forget to get your last minute entry: http://boostednetwork.org/forums/threads/razer-giveaway.553/

Currently every 12 hours either the Spindlekin or Dwarven Centurion will spawn at /Arena use /boss time to check when the next spawn will be, we've also released /bosses which shows you their health and tier level, we will be updating these to include there strengths and a backstory! If you wish to fight a low tier boss privately or a higher tier boss we're currently selling them in the Buycraft store, we're offering private and public boss fights!


KOTHS otherwise known as King of the Hill, is a PvP event held at 8am and 8pm Central Canadian time (UTC -6:00), every single day, held within this tree at /pvp, the aim of the event is to kill your way through the crowds of other players and make it too the top of the tree, where you will have to hold off other players, warning they have to knock you out of the area for you too loose the...
Official Top voters!
Hey everyone! Bellow are the top voters & the top donor for the month of January! /vote in-game to try be one of the top 3 voters and be rewarded with a store voucher!
Top Donor: (/buy)

@_Trkey Who has won a $40USD store voucher
Top Voters: (/topvotes)

@Lukemondo Who has won a $20USD store voucher
@Quickey_ Who has won a $10USD store voucher
@robin9603 Who has won a $5USD store voucher

There were a lot of updates in January, For information on the updates go check out this post: http://boostednetwork.org/forums/threads/server-update-27-1-16.594/

Thank you all for playing on BoostedNetwork
Official Razer Giveaway!
Hey guys!

We are hosting a Razer giveaway! All you need to do to enter is,

Follow this account on twitter: https://twitter.com/BoostedNetwork
Follow this account on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkVzti8GonFwfLoj6CUVMXQ
Like and Re-tweet this tweet: https://twitter.com/BoostedNetwork/status/813906941319614464

You are not required to do all of the above but it will increase your chance of winning! How I will do it is, I will choose two people on each platform, Two from the subscription box, Two that Like/ Re-tweet, Two that follow the Twitter account, I will then choose an extra two from the monthly donations list, After all eight contestants have been chosen, I will put each into a random generator and the winner will be drawn! If your name is pulled from the hat you will have five days to claim your gift, If it goes unclaimed I will choose from the runner ups! To view some of the potential prizes you can win visit this site: http://www.razerzone.com/au-en

I will be choosing a winner Friday the 27th!

Goodluck everyone!
Official Movie nights!
Hey guys,

Shrooms, Volc, Jack and I watch movies through a streaming service called Rabbit. We normal watch it around UTC+10:00.

The type of movies we watch are comedies/ action movies, If anyone would be interested in joining in our movie nights, feel free to join using this link https://www.rabb.it/Herbii sit back and grab some popcorn! (The movies will be in English)

We are currently watching all marvel movies :) To see the order in which we are watching check out this timetable (Ignore the tv shows) https://www.quora.com/In-which-orde...hows-in-order-to-understand-the-timeline-well

Thanks for playing on BoostedNetwork
Official Skyblock bosses!
Hey guys!

The time is here! You have all waited a long time for these bosses and I apologize for the wait, You will be able to buy bosses through /buy (store.boostednetwork.org), I will consider adding in the future, a feature where the bosses will randomly spawn at /arena, Upon buying your boss egg you will go to /arena, Once you drop down you will see a spawning platform, Spawn your egg and good luck! Below I will list all of the boss information.

Tier 3:

Molag Bal:

Health: 500
Skills: Knockback, Blind.

Lich King:

Health: 350
Skills: Blind, Knockback

Lava Queen:

Health: 300
Skills: Blind, Knockback

Tier 2:


Health: 200
Skills: Knockback

Bone Colossus:

Health: 50
Skills: Blind

Tier 1:

Dwarven Centurion:

Health: 150
Skills: Knockack

Skill information:
Warp: Warps ontop of a player who has attacked the boss if they are within 30 blocks.
Cage: Surrounds the players that have tagged the boss in an iron cage.
Knockback: Knocks all players within 10 blocks really high and far away from the boss.
Blind: Gives all players within 10 blocks blindness for a long time.

Thank you for playing on

Hello all, It's Jack here, back with another post to inform you all about what we've added in the past few days which is:

  • The Ability to /block all items even if they have a metadata, we even added it so you can /block Lapis
  • All items are invincible to lava, fire and cactus, that way you can have unlimited types of different mob grinders/farms without loosing your items
  • The new /is bank where you can share items and money with your fellow islanders!

Soon to come are our custom bosses, which we're still testing on Factions, before we move it over to Skyblock!
Official Top voters!
Hey everyone! Bellow are the top voters & the top donor for the month of december! /vote in-game to try be one of the top 3 voters and be rewarded with a store voucher!

Top Donor: (/buy)

@_Trkey Who has won a $40USD store voucher
Top Voters: (/topvotes)

@Theimbaone Who has won a $20USD store voucher
@robin9603 Who has won a $10USD store voucher
@usersau Who has won a $5USD store voucher

For more information about this months giveaway, Check out out Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/BoostedNetwork/status/813906941319614464

Happy new years guys! Thank you for playing on BoostedNetwork
Official Giveaway!
Hey guys,

Go check out our twitter post on our monthly Razer giveaway :)

Congratulations Guys
Today 17/12/2016 Boosted Network reached 100 players not just on the server but on Skyblock alone
These are some of the screenshots that i got
[​IMG] [​IMG]

GG Guys Lets goo
Hello guys.

I have just added McMMO Credits to buycraft, Once you purchase the credits it will automatically give you the McMMO credits in-game!

We have also added the x50 Boosted Key + Key All Boosted, x50 Jumbo Key + Key All Jumbo, Once this is purchased you will be given x50 keys and everyone on the server will get x1 key :)

If anyone has any suggestions on the server feel free to shoot them my way! :)